Tips for Hiring Managers

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Hiring Managers so often agonize over hiring decisions.  The wrong hire will result in loss revenue, increase costs, negative affect on moral, frustration, and much more…

Here are some tips for hiring managers to consider when interviewing their next potential hire:

  1. If the candidate is late, don’t let that ruin the interview.  Sometimes things just happen so be reasonable.  Take a step back and look at how they handled the situation and their interview.  That will give you great insight into who they are.
  2. Do you have a doubt in your mind on a question the candidate answered?  Always dig deeper until you are satisfied with the answer.  Asking follow up questions will help give you the big picture.  My favorite follow up question when I am not satisfied with the answer is “Tell me more about that.”
  3. Understand the long term outcomes/goals you are looking for the position to accomplish.  Communicate those outcomes/goals  to the candidates and learn how their past experiences will help them achieve those goals.  This allows you to begin setting expectations in the interview process and that is a great thing!  Understand from the candidate how they will use their past experience to be successful in the role.
  4. Find out how resourceful and innovative the candidate is by asking behavioral interview questions.  Tell me about a time in your last position in which you took a risk?  What was the risk/reward?  Take the time to understand their thought process.
  5. Take the time to understand why they left past jobs and ask the proactive question.  What are other factors that contributed to their decision of leaving a position?  This will help you understand what the candidate values and what their needs are from the company to remain an engaged employee.    
  6. Take the time to understand what type of culture is a good fit for this candidate and see if you have a culture match.  Keep in mind to assess fit, you do need to understand both your company culture as well as the subculture that forms within your own teams.  Ensuring you find the right fit will help you find employees that will stay with your organization for the long term.  It is much easier and most cost effective to train new skills than the cost of turnover because there is not a culture fit.   

Don’t forget about onboarding!  Hiring decisions are critical to any organization, however the process after the decision is made is just as important.  The period from offer to the beginning of employment will make a big impression to the newly hired employee.  Ensuring the candidate receives proper communication, and your company is ready for them on their first day.  The day your employee starts is a big day in their life; have their office and equipment ready and their first two weeks planned out.  Ensure to help them immerse into your culture as smoothly as possible.  This is an easy way to provide a warm welcome to your most important asset, your employee.

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